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Excellent Patio Furniture Cushions

Whatever type of patio furniture may have, you need some large cushions to complete look. Patio furniture is often made of wicker or wrought iron furniture and these also have to be dressed and make it more comfortable. Imagine curling up on a wicker chair without cushions on it. It does not sound too comfortable, right? Therefore, right cushion is necessary not only to make furniture look more attractive, but also to sit comfortably. Patio furniture cushions are available in a lot of designs and are made with different types of tissues.

Type of patio furniture has largely determine type of patio furniture cushions you will need. For patio furniture covers, consider going to stay outdoors and so choose fabrics that are resistant to sun and durable. Fragile and delicate fabrics like silk, satin and tulle not work well for furniture cushions outdoors as color will fade over time.

Therefore, best fabrics for patio furniture cushions are linen, cotton, acrylic fabrics, Teflon, polyester and blends of fabrics for awnings. These are great option because they are not only durable but also easy to clean. It is also resistant to sun and rain? This extends life of pads and keeps fabric to rot.

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