drop in laundry sinks

How to Decoration Drop in Laundry Sink

Laundry batteries have changed a lot since the days when heavy metal bowls used with washboards. Today day, batteries are built into the laundry room. Most of them are made ​​of thick plastic material colored white and contain a sink and a drain which can be soaked clothes of various sizes which have to remove stains. The part drop in laundry sink of the stack usually has nothing peculiar; decorating, you’ll be able to stamp your own style to your laundry room.

Create a collage on the drop in laundry sink of your washing stack using the technique of decoupage. You can cover the entire surface of the cabinet, only the front or take a few pieces of fabric or decorative paper and spread some photos here and there. Paste decoration on the surface of the stack and seal it by applying a layer of waterproof glue to decoupage.

Another option is to place a tile in both the front and both sides of the stack. You can create a mosaic, making a simple design or deciding on a monochromatic look choosing the color you prefer drop in laundry sink. Apply a layer of mortar on the surface of the cell where you want to put the tiles.

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