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How to Dig a Foot of Concrete for Outdoor Playset

An outdoor playset is a great catalyst for getting your kids to exercise and have fun. However, building one yourself can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the construction of large structures.

Instructions to dig a foot of concrete for outdoor playset: place the game on the location where you want it to be. Mark and dig the places on earth where poles are fixed games. Digging a hole of 15 cm more than half the height of the posts exposed game. The hole diameter should be at least 10 cm than the diameter of the post.

Pour 10 cm of gravel into the hole. Mix enough concrete to allow a layer of 15 cm of concrete into the hole. Pour cement into the hole, novella and let it dry for half an hour. Place post game in the middle of the hole, mix the rest of the cement in the wheelbarrow and pour into the hole around the post.

Tap the top of the wet cement with a piece of wood 1.20 m of 2 by 5 x 10 cm to eliminate air pockets in the mixture. Allow the concrete for outdoor playset to cure for about two days.

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