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How to Repair an Outdoor Pouf

The good thing about an outdoor pouf, however, is that it is easy to repair. Outdoor pouf is composed of three parts: an outer layer, a lining, and polystyrene pellets. The outer casing is usually made of heavy materials such as vinyl or leather which is durable. Liners are made of heavy material designed to resist tearing and rupture, by ensuring that the polystyrene pellets are kept inside.

With this in mind, what usually happens with an outdoor pouf is the outer shell is ripped or torn; when the outer shell is torn jacket can also get ripped and Styrofoam balls out.

To repair the lining and outer shell an outdoor pouf, you can choose just to sew in place. First sew the tear in the lining, and then sew the outer shell. You can use the colored wire and colorful fabric to add character to the outdoor pouf. Of course, before making any sewing, make sure you replace the polystyrene pellets that are scattered to make sure that the shape of the ottoman remains healthy. An alternative way to fix your ottoman is to get a net repair kit. This is usually available in leather or vinyl.

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