Simple Patio Swing Set

How to Repair Cover Patio Swing Set

Linings patio swing set is usually constructed of vinyl, since this material can withstand constant exposure to wind, rain and snow. However, even the lining stronger vinyl seat is not completely insensitive to damage and may eventually tear. Clean the area around the tear with multi use cleaner and a soft cloth. Work on vinyl cleaner to remove dirt, mud or other debris that otherwise would prevent the adhesive vinyl actually adhere to the lining. Wait for the liner to air dry completely before proceeding.

Cuts a hole about 5.08 cm diameter around the torn area. This will provide a larger patch to adjust the vinyl in place area patio swing set. Remove any loose thread hole with a pair of small scissors or clippers. Use a patch of vinyl that is slightly larger than the hole you have made. The vinyl repair kits are available at marine supply stores or home improvement. Slide the vinyl patch into the hole and tighten it until it is straight and flush against the underside of the liner.

Lift the entire patch vinyl liner slightly. Applying a thin layer of adhesive-backed vinyl bottom of vinyl liner where it touches the patch. Hold the vinyl liner against the patch for one or two minutes to allow the adhesive to patio swing set.

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