Making Wicker Storage Baskets

Oct 13th

Wicker storage baskets are amazingly decorative and are great for holding items such as soaps, aromatic dried flowers, fruit and correspondence staff. People have been making wicker baskets for thousands of years and modern baskets manufacturers can make patterns and complex shapes. Anyone can do to hand its own wicker basket and, with a little time and patience, you can create your own beautiful basket.

wicker storage baskets with lids
wicker storage baskets with lids

Using clothespins carefully folded up the corners of the basket, securing them so tight. Gently bend rods forming a pattern, one above and one below, along the side of the wicker storage baskets. Find a rod in the center of one end and divide down the center using scissors. Split cane weaving in and out of the other rods, inserting the end of the rod into the base.

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Image of: wicker storage baskets with lids

Use more reeds, outward of the rods that form the base. When you reach the end of a cane, enter it safely inside the wicker storage baskets. Repeat this process until you have three or four inches of excess base rods sticking out the top. Cut the canes to the smooth edge, leaving at 2.5 or 1.2 cm sticking out the top. Use a sharp scissors, such as the kitchen since the rods can be quite difficult to cut.