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Paint metal doors with a faux wood garage doors finish giving them a warm, homely quality. Doors are so thin metal and non-porous to do that have appearance of a wooden door can be easier to mimic other materials. As metal doors will not absorb paint, strokes of brush can easily see on surface when paint is applied.

Metal doors sealed with a sealant for engraving metals. This prevents paint from sliding down smooth metallic surface of door. Painting base coat finish false doors using faux wood garage doors softer color desired in finished timber. For example, use a warm honey blonde finish to mimic maple. Applying a base coat paint roller if doors are flat. If doors have panels use a brush. Wait for base coat to dry.

Painting a thin layer of glossy dark ink on base layer with thick brush bristles. This should be darker wood finish desired color. Drag thick brush bristles slowly up and down door for base layer to show through brush strokes of dark dye satin with you applied. An oil-based satin takes a long time to dry, giving you time to perfection appearance of faux wood garage doors grain with thick brush bristles. Let dry glazing. Apply another thin layer of dark satin on first layer you applied. Use thick brush bristles to apply a second coat. Spend a steel comb with fine teeth on bottom of each door and left to right on each door. result is a simple finish fake maple grain wood vertically oriented.

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